Seo yoon-jeong Actors Bio

Seo yoon-jeong Actors Bio

Who is Seo Yoon Jeong?

Friends, my friend Nirmal Rathore has brought very important information for you today, today’s information is on our Seo Yoon-Jeong, today we will tell you who is Seo Yoon-Jeong and which is which serials you have joined, let’s know. If you take it, as we tell you, we keep on coming with new information on our website, if you like our blog, then please do not forget to share the post, we will give you information about some such actors about whom you have You must not have heard, we will give you information about those selected actors through our blog, which you do not know, so today we will talk about Seo Yoon-Jeong, so let’s not waste time and know Seo Yoon- who is Jeong

Seo Jeong-Yeon (born September 23, 1975) is a South Korean actress. He has starred in television series such as Righteous Love (2014) and Descendants of the Sun (2016) and has supporting roles in dramas such as Something in the Rain.

Seo Yoon-Jeong Movies

Seo Yoon-Jeong has worked in major movies which are as follows We have told you about the major Seo Yoon-Jeong movies in which Seo Jeong Yeon has acted and we will tell you about such Seo Yoon-Jeong Films today will provide complete information in

Year Title Role Notes
2016 In Between Seasons Hee-Yeong
2017 Midnight Runners Ki-Joon’s mother Special appearance
Mothers Seo-Yeong
2018 Be with You Seo-bin’s mom
Adulthood Oh Jum-hee
2019 Juror 8 Byeon Sang-mi

Friends Seo Yoon-Jeong that these are some of the major films that have worked in these films with their good acting. Seo Yoon-Jeong is a Korean actor and has played an important role in his films, according to Wikipedia, some data about in Not available, so we have taken some data from Wikipedia

Which serials has Seo Yoon-Jeong acted in?

Now friends, let’s know in which serials Seo Jeong Yeon has worked and how he has been acting. Seo Yoon-Jeong is a Korean actor by the way and he has also played an important role in movies, this is special in a Korean movie. Known as an actor, now we will tell you in which serials Seo Jeong Yeon has worked and which of his popular serials have been, let us know.

List Of Seo Yoon Jeong Serials

Year Title Role Network Notes
2012 How Long I’ve Kissed Kim Hyun-hee JTBC
2014 Secret Love Affair Korean-Chinese ajumma
Righteous Love Kim Boon-ja tvN
2015 Heard It Through the Grapevine Lee Seon-sook SBS
She Was Pretty Na Ji-seon MBC
Bubble Gum Aunt Gong-joo tvN
2016 Descendants of the Sun Ha Ja-ae KBS2
Second To Last Love Goo Tae-yeon SBS
Love in the Moonlight Queen Sun-won KBS2
2017 Naked Fireman Han Song-ja
Innocent Defendant Kim Sun-hwa SBS
Chief Kim Jo Min-yeong KBS2
The Lady in Dignity Park Joo-mi JTBC
Live Up to Your Name Jung Yi-yun tvN
2018 Something in the Rain Jung Young-in JTBC
Come and Hug Me Chae Ok-hee MBC
Feel Good to Die Ahn Seon-nyeo KBS2
2019 One Spring Night Wang Hye-Jung MBC
Melting Me Softly Oh Young-seon tvN
2020 How Are U Bread Writer Witch Naver TV Cast
The King: Eternal Monarch Song Jung-Hye SBS
Do You Like Brahms? Cha Young-in SBS
Run On Coach Bang JTBC Cameo (Episode 6–7)
2021 Mouse Moo Chi’s mother tvN Cameo (Episode 1)
Nevertheless Jae-on’s mother JTBC Cameo (Episode 6) 
High Class Shim Ae-soon tvN
Dali and Cocky Prince So Geum-ja KBS2
Reflection of You Goo Jeong-Yeon JTBC

Friends, this is some major serial in which Seo Yoon-Jeong has played a major role and he has shown his role better in these serials than all Korean serials, Seo Yoon-Jeong has played an important role in this and he has done his acting Well presented Seo Yoon-Jeong has also worked in some movies in which he has played his best role.

Seo Yoon-Jeong has been honored with the Award?

Friends, as you know Seo Jeong yoon movies is a Korean actor and he has also worked in many major films and he has also worked in some TV serials, so he has also been honored with some awards which are as follows. The awards awarded to Seo Yoon-Jeong are shown which are listed below. You can see from here that Seo Yoon-Jeong has been honored with the award

Year Award Category Nominee Result
2016 30th KBS Drama Awards Best Supporting Actress Descendants of the Sun Nominated
2018 MBC Drama Awards Best Supporting Actress in a Wednesday-Thursday Miniseries Come and Hug Me Nominated
6th APAN Star Awards Best Supporting Actress Nominated

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