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Reasons Why Pet Owners should Get CBD Cat Treats

Many people have already heard about CBD or cannabidiol, and it’s becoming so popular that you’ll see it in your local grocery or drugstore nowadays. However, did you know that cannabidiol extracts can help your cat manage her anxiety?

CBD, a compound that is an active ingredient in treats, is safe and effective against various diseases. The mild effects that your pet may feel are more likely due to the receptors binding to her endocannabinoid system, and this is the same with humans. You can read a guide about the endocannabinoid system on this site here. The best cannabidiol extracts that are found in premium hemp plants will benefit your feline friend in the best ways possible. 

Endocannabinoid receptors are often distributed across a cat’s body and throughout the central nervous system. When the cannabidiol extracts bind with the receptors, there might be feelings of relief from pain and anxiety that will benefit your pet in no time.

However, you should not confuse CBD with THC. Even if the two extracts come from the cannabis species, the cannabidiol does not cause any euphoria or psychosis to your pet. The psychoactive effects are often associated with THC, and this is something that you should avoid. Instead, the CBD treats often help in various medical conditions like arthritis without any adverse side effects. If you want to know more information about these treats, then here’s the scoop for you.

About the Treats

Nowadays, you’ll find products specifically made for pets, and the ingredients are all safe and organic. The holistapet treats are often CBD-infused, and this is an active ingredient derived from premium and locally-sourced hemp plants. Other pet parents usually prefer the oil, and they use this directly to their cats, but you should be careful with the overall dosage. The general recommendation is to give them 0.2 mg of CBD per pound of their weight.

Are these Products Safe?

Yes, the products containing cannabidiol extracts from legitimate sources are safe and effective. Research has indicated that CBD does not have any adverse side effects on pets and people, even in larger doses. In 2018, the FDA even approved a hemp-based medicine called Epidiolex, which treats rare forms of epilepsy like the Lennox-Gastaut and the Dravet Syndrome. This should say a lot when you’re worried about the safety of the oil for your pets.

In recent studies, it has been found out and concluded that CBD is safe for dogs and cats. If you’re already using catnips for a fun afternoon, know that the cannabidiol is comparably safe but better. Instead of making your furry friend act like a drunk, the effects of cannabidiol are calming and relaxing.

It’s also worth noting that you should never give your pets products that are made for humans. These are different, and the ingredients may vary. As an example, peppermint-flavored oil is harmful to your feline, but many consumers find this to be delicious.

Why Your Cat Might Need Cannabidiol Products


  1. Lessens Anxiousness

Holistic veterinarians and cat parents may want to try CBD to alleviate some of their pet’s anxiety. Evidence suggests that the overall effect of the treats can be calming, and this is because of how the cannabidiol interacts with the endocannabinoid system of mammals. 

This is a system with various receptors distributed all throughout your feline’s body. Some reports say that cannabidiol has the benefit of making your pet sleep better and minimizing insomnia. 

  1. Decrease Inflammation

Some owners with older felines are noticing the palliative effects of CBD. While many companies take advantage of this and market the products to treat the disease, it’s still important to see a veterinarian get to the root cause of the problem. CBD’s role is to manage the symptoms and help your pet find relief from pain, redness, inflammation, and swelling. See more about the anti-inflammatory effects of CBD in this url: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S1094553921000596

Arthritis is one of the more common diseases that may plague the older felines, and you might want to consider giving them the best treats from online shops to help relieve the pain they feel in their joints. You have to make sure that you avoid artificial colors in the product for the best results.

  1. Helps with Pain

Cannabidiol provides a soothing effect for back pain, headaches, and arthritis in humans, and studies show that this is the same with animals as well. It affects the nervous system and shows promise when it comes to managing and treating painful conditions. While it doesn’t necessarily treat the root cause of the issue, it may sometimes make the pain change into a dull ache through the reduction of the responses of the brain to this stimulus.

  1. Minimize Cognitive Decline

Before there’s an official statement from the FDA about the safety and efficacy of CBD products, scientists must publish a peer-reviewed journal and a research paper about how it operates and its general mechanisms in the central nervous system. However, in-depth studies are still underway, and this is why you may find your vet hesitating to prescribe the extracts to your pet.

Fortunately, recent psychopharmacological studies suggest that CBD acts as a neuroprotectant in the brain. This is promising, especially if you’re noticing that your feline is becoming lame or there’s a diagnosis that your cat has dementia. With the help of the treats, you can expect significant improvements and lesser anxiety for your furry friend, and they can live longer.

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