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Online Betting in India with Marsbet

Online betting is widely prevalent in India. It was already a pro-gambling country because of its traditions. For example, people love playing cards and betting with family members during festival months. Now, with technological advancements, betting in India has become effortless.

Marsbet is a gambling site; here, you can find online gambling options. For example, you can enjoy betting on live sports or esports or wager your money on live casino games like blackjack. The site also offers classic games such as Bingo, where you can test your luck. 

How to register?

The website is under the control of Stella Tech BV, a Curacao licensed company. It has a neat design with an easy-to-navigate user interface. To register, you need to click on the sign-up button in the top right corner of the website. Then there are two steps where you need to enter your information. You enter your email id, password, country, and currency in the first step. Then, in the second step, you need to fill in your personal and contact details; you can click register after that.

Reliability of the site

All the products of Stella Tech BV are licensed and approved by Curacao eGaming. It thoroughly tests the products before their launch; licensed testing houses check the games’ functionality, display, transaction rules, and mathematics. In addition, they ensure that RTP (Return to Player) is according to the regulatory requirements; RTP is what decides the cricket online betting odds


You can check out the available bonuses whenever you deposit on the site. You can then add funds according to the offer you want. After depositing, you will see the bonus amount in your account. To keep a tally of your remaining amount, you can go to ‘my bonus.’

You can see the games and the corresponding bonus amounts below:

Slots 100%
Casino Blackjack 10%
Casino Roulette (Alla types) 10%
Casino Baccarat (Alla types) 10%
Casino Punto Banco (Alla types) 10%
Casino Poker 30%
Live Roulette 20%
Live Blackjack 20%
Live Poker 30%
Live Baccarat 10%
Live TV Games 10%


Available Betting Games

There are many betting options available at Marsbet:

  1. Sports: You can find lots of games here. The design is easy to understand. You can find the list of sports; click on one, and you can further select the ongoing series. Once you choose the series, details about the matches will be available at the center. You can select a game and see its information on the right. Here is where you choose the betting options.
  2. Esports: Online betting on eSports is becoming highly popular. Marsbet offers a friendly three-pane betting interface like sports betting. You can also watch the live match here.
  3. Casino Games: Marsbet offers numerous exciting casino games on the site. You can filter the gambling games for casino games from your favorite game provider. There is also a search bar to search for a game you like.
  4. Live Casino Games: There will be a croupier that plays the game for you in these casino games. Therefore, you can get the real casino experience from the comfort of your bed. The main categories are Blackjack, Poker, Roulette, and Baccarat. There are several variations of these games to keep you excited.
  5. Virtual Sports: Marsbet has a collection of five virtual sports on which you can bet. These are Penalty shootouts, Flat Horse Racing, Football Match, Greyhound Racing, and Car Racing.
  6. Bingo: finally, you can play Bingo. It is a game that originated in the US in 1929, where multiple players play together. One person yells a random number; you cross that number from your group of numbers arranged in a square. The first player to strike off a complete row or a column wins; they yell Bingo. Here you can play the online version; it is a recent addition.

Marsbet’s Tips on Responsible Gaming

Marsbet understands that gambling could be addictive. Therefore, it has a detailed list of dos and don’ts on its website. You can access the list by clicking on Responsible Gaming at the bottom of its homepage. You can read the brief version of the list below:

  1. Watch the signs of addiction: lack of focus on your routine tasks, always thinking about your next bet, etc.
  2. Set your time for gambling
  3. Always prioritize your bankroll
  4. If you think that an underage person gambles on Marsbet, then insist on contacting them.
  5. Use the self-exclusion feature, where you deactivate your account temporarily. For this, you need to contact the Marsbet team.

In Conclusion, betting in India is easy; many online sites allow you to gamble. Marsbet is one such site under the Curacao gaming license. It has a great UI and an excellent collection of games. You can bet on sports or eSports, play casino lives or against AI, bet on virtual sports, or test your luck with Bingo. Apart from encouraging gambling, the site also has features to control your gambling addiction; message them.

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