How Cryptocurrencies Can Impact Economics

Cryptocurrencies are creating a new decentralized economic system that is impacting investors worldwide. New markets, greater security, and high-impact potential make the crypto world an exciting and innovative space to invest in.

Decentralized Economic System

Cryptocurrency offers investors access to a decentralized economic system free of intermediaries and third parties such as banks or government regulators. The benefits of decentralized economics are tremendous and can be highly rewarding to investors and daily users of cryptocurrencies. Because no third party is involved, fees are minimal and typically only accrued when opening your digital wallet or trading one crypto for another. Crypto exchanges can be accessed by anyone anywhere globally without permission from and financial authority or government. This means that while traditional fiat money may take long periods of time and considerable fees to send abroad, cryptocurrencies can be automatically and quickly transferred directly to the recipient overseas. The possibilities of a decentralized financial environment are endless. The primary benefits of decentralized finance are lower fees, greater accessibility and participation, and more financial freedom for individuals living under harsh economic or governmental conditions that may stop them from participating in the economy.


Many resources can answer the question of ‘how does cryptocurrency work,’ and they will start by explaining the basics of blockchain, the technology behind crypto.  Because cryptocurrencies are hosted on blockchain networks, they benefit from the guaranteed security of blockchains. Blockchains are encrypted ledgers of exchange that are immutable and generally tamper-proof. Blockchain transactions reduce the risk for both parties and can help combat fraud. In recent years, the security of blockchains has been tested repeatedly, but new networks continue to be developed to beat these security flaws. Today, you can measure the security of a network by its hash rate or how much computing power it would take to compromise the network. Bitcoin has the highest hash rate today, making it one of the most secure cryptocurrencies out there.

New Markets

The development of cryptocurrencies also spurred whole new markets proving highly lucrative. You can buy many real-world items using crypto, including housing options, but you can also purchase digital assets on blockchains called NFTs, non-fungible tokens. NFTs are encrypted digital assets that can represent real-world assets or encrypt the code of an original digital asset. In recent years, NFTs have been used in the digital art world to solve issues of originality and provenance and help add inherent value to each digital artwork created. Before NFTs, artists had no way to ensure their intellectual property was protected or secured online, and they faced challenges when marketing and selling digital artwork. Today, the digital art market is booming, with more celebrities and artists endorsing the NFT market than ever before. You can check out the latest in NFTs through an NFT marketplace such as FTX.

Blockchain Tech for Social Good

Blockchain technology provides tremendous opportunities for new currencies, but this technology also has incredible potential to tackle some of the world’s most significant social and economic challenges. People who live in areas of the world with unstable governments and poor access to economic opportunity struggle with maintaining ownership of their property, money, and even their personal records. Blockchain networks could be utilized to create digital IDs, maintain healthcare records, create immutable records of ownership, and help people access economic opportunities they didn’t have before. Many tokens and blockchain projects are explicitly designed to tackle these social issues and help entrepreneurs around the world access digital economic opportunities, generating greater market participation on a global scale.

There is tremendous potential in the crypto world for social and economic improvements. Whether you’re looking to diversify your investments, make a quick buck in the market, or invest in long-term blockchain integrations, there are ample opportunities in the crypto space for you

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