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Free Digital Leadership Course for Beginners

Though businesses of different industries have different objectives to meet, there are some critical areas that every business emphasizes like reducing costs, improving experiences, and achieving significant growth. Well, there can be various approaches to work in these areas, but companies today are increasingly relying on digital transformation to achieve the desired results. From supply chain integration, marketing to the value proposition and customer acquisition, every business model is going digital. Today, experts link digital innovation as a necessity for business growth. This means organizations that are not capable of embracing digital innovation have threats of becoming obsolete soon. 

However, are all business leaders ready to come up with good digital strategies that cover digital innovation initiatives? Well, business leaders have rich SEO Company Kanpur experience in their industry but they may not be familiar with how to apply technology to solve existing business problems and improvise organizational practices. This is where a Digital leadership course can help. Realizing the growing importance of digital innovation, many training providers have now started offering in-depth courses on digital transformation, innovation, and digital leadership. They explain why businesses need innovation to launch new products and services successfully and improve operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.  

If you don’t have much idea about the subject, you may initially want to look for a free course to grasp the basics of digital leadership. So, in this article, we have mentioned some of the top free courses on digital leadership that one can rely on and gain the right skills. 

Top Free Courses on Digital Leadership

Discussed below are some of the free courses that business leaders can take to learn about digital innovation. 

Digital Leadership Course (SkillUp by Simplilearn)

This Digital Leadership course for beginners helps you develop a clear understanding of digital technologies in the business landscape. Individuals enrolling in this free course will learn to identify the barriers to a successful transformation effort, understand the rules of personal leadership, and build and lead teams to success. You will get SEO Company Kanpur access to 4 hours of in-depth training modules and will be awarded a course completion certificate at the end.  

The program is ideal for managers, leaders, IT professionals, digital marketers, and marketing professionals. There are no prerequisites to take this digital leadership course. 

Leadership in the Digital Age (edX)

Take this short-term course on leadership in the digital age to become familiar with the generational leadership styles. Offered by TecdeMonterreyX, this training program helps you identify the leadership and digital competencies models, understand the principles of ‘Human-Centered Design’, and determine your degree of digital readiness. If you spend 5 to 8 study hours per week, you will be able to complete the course in one month. It is a self-paced course with an optional upgrade available. 

Digital Leadership and Digital Strategy Execution (Coursera)

This course is designed for professionals who want to understand the skills, knowledge, and behaviors demanded of digital leaders along with the forces driving and transforming businesses today. The instructors will teach you how to use techniques to develop and hone your strategic thinking skills and transition smoothly from a senior management role to a leadership role. This course is a part of the Digital Marketing Strategy and Planning Specialization offered by the Digital Marketing Institute on Coursera. 

The course will take you around 11 hours to be completed and is recommended for anyone willing to learn the disciplines of digital leadership. You can audit the course for free if you can’t pay for the course. 

Digital Transformation of Leaders Learning Path (LinkedIn Learning)

This learning path by LinkedIn Learning offers 12 courses with 14 hours of comprehensive content on digital transformation. Through this program, business leaders can understand the larger context for this massive change and strategy effort. They begin to analyze where their company lies along the continuum and identify how best to navigate through the complex terrain for the long term. Leading with innovation and Charlene Li on Digital Leadership are the two important modules covered in this learning path. Though the learning path isn’t free, you can opt for LinkedIn’s one month free trial option. 

Bottom Line

Using the right platforms, people, and processes, a business leader can effectively drive digital innovation in their organization, thereby creating a portfolio of high-quality products and services. Brands that fail to apply digital innovation can lose their customers to more innovative business competitors. It is important for business leaders of present day to improve equipment performance and restructure their internal processes through digital innovation. Evidently, it is a worthwhile investment for long-term financial gains that increases Return on Investment (ROI) on all business expenses. 

The time is ripe to take up a digital leadership course and understand the foundations of it. Professionals who keep on upgrading their skills through such courses are more likely to thrive in this highly competitive market. 


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