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What is Type 1 Diabetes and What Causes It?

Type 1 diabetes arises when the pancreas produces less insulin than your body requires. The problem is manageable; especially if you seek treatment immediately you notice diabetes signs. Read on to get all the type 1 diabetes info you need.

What Causes The Illness?

Doctors don’t have a specific reason why patients suffer from this illness. They mostly associate it with pancreas problems. However, some patients inherit diabetes from their parents, while others suffer from the disease because of infections or complications caused by living in a certain environment.

When Are You at a Higher Risk of Developing The Ailment?

You might be at a higher risk of developing the ailment if your parent or another family member has diabetes. That may also be the case when you or your kid is between 4 and 7 or 10 and 14 years. They are the two age brackets when the illness mainly occurs.

The Symptoms to Look Out For

Timely medication is the best way to prevent your diabetes problem from causing other health complications. For this reason, you need to look out for the following signs that indicate you might have type 1 diabetes.

Some signs are feeling thirsty even after taking water, abnormal urinating patterns, extreme hunger, and mood changes. You can also lose a lot of weight within a short time or develop vision problems. Bedwetting in children is also a sign of diabetes.

Reasons Why You Should Get Timely Treatment

Type 1 diabetes can cause different health problems if you don’t seek timely treatment. For example, you might develop kidney, heart, or nerves problems. Regulating the glucose concentration in your blood can help to prevent these problems. That is why it is advisable to visit the hospital for a checkup when you notice any diabetes signs. For example, a doctor from Tandem Diabetes will offer the best treatment and recommend lifestyle changes that will enable you to reduce glucose concentration in your body. High sugar levels in the body can cause the following issues:

It Might Cause Heart Complications

Diabetes can cause different heart complications if you don’t know how to control glucose concentration. Some of them include excessive chest pain, cardiac arrest, and stroke.

It Might Cause Nerve Problems

Excess sugar in the body can also cause nerve problems. The issue mainly arises from the toes before spreading to other body parts. Pain and numbness are indications that you need immediate treatment because you might lose all sense of feeling after some time. It might also cause diarrhea, vomiting, constipation, and erectile dysfunction in some situations.

It Might Cause Kidney Problems

High levels of glucose in the body can also cause kidney problems. Timely medication will prevent the problem from developing into a serious issue that might require more expensive treatment. For example, you might need dialysis or surgery when your kidneys fail, which might consume a significant amount of your savings.

Everyone is at risk of suffering from this chronic condition. That is why you need the information above to know when you’re at risk of contracting the disease and the measures to take.


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