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Simple Ways To Look Stylish in Salwar Kameez?

Salwar kameez can be a stylish outfit when you wear it in the right way. This three piece attire is highly comfortable and when you style it in the right way, it looks even more amazing. Many will give you styling tips and many of you might be searching for them on the internet such as how to look slim in salwar kameez, how to look stylish in salwar kameez and many more things like this. So here are some points which will help you to look slimmer and stylish in a salwar kameez. 

Go with the Trend

The first thing you need to consider is to go along the trend. See to it what’s trending in the market and then choose the outfit accordingly. The most trending and cherished ones nowadays are the four piece jacket-style salwar suit, the long and flowy slit salwar suit and some immensely gorgeous asymmetrical salwar suit. So always go for the ones that give you a unique and voguish appeal. 

Fabric that Suits the Occasion

Looking stylish is great but being comfortable at the same time is necessary. It’s always good to choose a material that suits the climate and occasion where you are going to wear it. You can pick a handloom dress material wholesale or can go for a readymade dress that is light in weight and breathable in summers. On the other hand you can go for velvet, silk or jacquard for winters and monsoon to look really stylish.  

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Fusion of Tradition and Fashion

The dress which you choose should be a blend or fusion of fashion and tradition. The prints and embroidery should be traditional and the pattern must be modern. A palazzo style salwar suit, the pant-style suit or a sharara are some of the perfect fusion of style and tradition. Some contemporary patterns such as a patiala suit or a straight salwar suit will also be a great choice. 

Choose the Right Pattern

There are infinite salwar suit patterns available and when the question arises that how to look slim in a salwar kameez then you need to choose something that is perfect for your body. Slim girls can go for anything but chubby girls need to mark the right attires. Usually, the fitted patterns such as straight salwar kameez and churidar salwar kameez will help you look perfect and slim. 

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Take Care of Color and Embroidery   

To look stylish you even need to pick the color that matches the occasion and your skin tone as well. The best thing is to go with pastel colors that are highly trending nowadays. Pastel pink, peach, grey, olive green, aqua blue and beige are some of the immensely popular tones nowadays. Black and white are the evergreen tones that can be worn anytime and at any occasion. 


So here’s how you can look perfectly stylish in a salwar kameez, either you buy the ready to wear one or go for handloom dress material wholesale you will surely look the best when you choose the right things. To complete the overall look don’t forget to add accessories such as rings, earrings, a pretty necklace, bracelet and footwear to wear along the dress. Proper makeup and a perfect hairstyle is also mandatory to style yourself well in a salwar kameez.   


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