Profound Knowledge Is Prerequisite

Profound Knowledge Is Prerequisite

Group discussion is the next phase if you pass out prelim and mains exam. The discussion is a means to assess your personality, leadership potential, and awareness about general knowledge and current affairs. Along with your communication skill, the recruiting board judges your overall personality. Usually, ten to twelve candidates are chosen to form a group, and a current affair topic is randomly chosen to be the subject of debate. The GTO observes the leadership acumen, communication ability, clarity of vision, listening ability, and to pursue others gently but convincingly. 


Abstract Topics 

The topic of discussion could be abstract, business and economy, current affairs, social/political issues. To prepare for the group discussion, you need to participate in a daily current affairs quiz for banking, covering a wide spectrum of relevant topics. Abstract topics are given to check your interpretation ability, thoughtfulness, creativity, and inventiveness. Atopic can be a leader vs. follower, ethical or unethical, which gives more profitability. Failure is life lessons etc. Topics on current affairs are selected to judge the candidate`s perception of national and international events. It could be around the Ukraine-Russia conflict, smart city project, or civil code in India.


Business and Economy Topics

Business and economy topics are selected to assess candidates’ banking financial knowledge about the latest products and trends. You must be aware of the latest government policies and initiatives for inclusive growth and reform of the Indian economy. Topics could be the challenges and benefits of banking mergers, steps initiated by the government for a five trillion economy, or the effects of globalization on the Indian economy. Topics related to social issues are becoming common subjects in group discussions. Common topics associated with social issues are sanitization of rural India, child development and single mother, capital punishment for rape, and climate change summit. 


How and What to Speak

Apart from knowledge about current affairs, you need to improve your group discussion skill to excel in group discussion. You must know how and what to speak in the course of discussion. Your language should be lucid, without arrogance, and subtly show your leadership skill. Having a deep understanding of the subject and rich content is the crux of success in group discussion. You must be knowledgeable about varied and vast national and international subjects that could be selected in the group discussion. Profound knowledge about the topic is a prerequisite to expressing your point of view and changing the course of direction in your favor. Few factual data for your opinion will strengthen your opinion. 


Taking daily current affairs quizzes for banking and reading newspapers and magazines will enrich your knowledge and perception of current affairs. Devote some time to reading a newspaper and other study material. It increases your awareness about current affairs and enriches your vocabulary. When the moderator announces the group discussion topic, usually there is silence. Use that few minutes to collect your thoughts. It is a prelude to your speech. If you think you need more time, let other participants start the discussion, then put your points according to the perception of the topic.

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