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KFC Weekend Offers And Reason To Choose it

Over the period of time KFC has become the perfect one stop destination for all the non-vegetarian lovers to enjoy unlimited non vegetarian food. It has been successful in becoming the most important brand that serves the delicious chicken to all the nonveg lovers. In addition, it is also able to eat delicious chicken popcorn including chicken burger and other types of chicken pizza. 

As a complimentary item it also serves rice balls and delicious smoothies to attract the taste buds of the customer. In order to further give incentive to the customer to purchase its products it has been famous for offering weekend KFC offers and other types of schemes. The most important reasons because of which the sales of this brand have been increasing over the period of time have been given as follows. 

9 pieces of juiciest chicken pieces for 99

This is a Sunday special offer of all the KFC outlets in which at least nine pieces of chicken are served for just 99. This has been the best offer offered by KFC during the weekend. The pieces of chicken are very crispy and juicy from inside. They are served with a mustard dip and seasonings to make it tastier. 

All of these facilities are only available at the least cost of rupees 99. This technically is the best one can ever get from the KFC outlet. You must not leave this option at any cost and visit the outlet now to avail this offer this weekend. 

18 pieces chicken basket at the rate of 499

This is another creepiest option which you can find at KFC on every Saturday and Sunday. This has been one of the lucrative options for every customer to visit KFC on weekend. Under this facility at least eighteen roasted and tandoori chicken pieces are sold to the customers in a chicken basket.

In addition, a Cooler or a Crusher is also given to the customer for making the experience much better. All of this is available only at the cost of rupees 499. This is the most reasonable option one can ever find across any of these to a retail Store. 

Big happy meal at the rate 399

This is another important type of option that you can find at KFC every weekend. Under this facility you are served a big happy meal. A lot of food items included in this option. You are offered a chicken burger along with a cold drink and French fries in this option. 

You can also add a rice box in the meal to make it much more exclusive. This is the best type of food product you can enjoy at a very reasonable cost at KFC. Many customers visit KFC only to avail this option.


Ultimately it can be concluded that all these officers are enough to attract any customer towards KFC. Every outlet of KFC is in the position to offer these facilities to the customer. That is why the customer footfall of KFC is increasing with every possible day. 


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