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How to Choose a Bookmaker in 2023

How to Choose a Bookmaker in 2023?

Today in 2023, gambling is one of the most popular pastimes for many people. So on the Internet, you can find dozens or even hundreds of different bookmakers who offer their services. All of them are similar, but also different. In connection with this new players wonder how to choose a betting site, where they can easily and profitably bet on their favorite sport. 

Some people may immediately start reading reviews on various sites, one thing here is a small problem, most people are happy to write negative reviews than positive ones. For this reason, you should read this article, which will analyze all the factors that will help you with the choice of a bookmaker.


The first and most important point is the legality of the bookmaker. Why is this important? One of the reasons may be the constant blocking of the site, which is due to the constant change of laws. This factor can be reflected in the constant failure of the site, respectively, and inconvenience. Moreover, illegal sites can cause you a problem with the payments you have to receive when you win a bet. In addition, customer support often works in only one language, so you will not be able to communicate with a specialist, so you will not be able to solve your problem. In this case, you should only use bookmakers who have a license.


It’s no secret that your profit depends on the odds. So the higher the odds, the more money you get if your bet wins. The value of the odds depends on the bookmaker’s margin (the percentage of the company’s guaranteed profit): the lower the margin, the higher and more attractive the odds are for the player. And vice versa. To find out which bookmaker has the higher odds, you can simply compare the odds for the same events on different sites, but this process will take you quite a long time. Besides, each site may have different margins for the same match and, consequently, the winnings will be different. That is why you can look at the bookmaker rankings on odds, which will save you time and effort. 


This indicator is decisive for many when choosing a bookmaker, because not everyone prefers to bet on the same sport all the time, but likes variety. So you can find sites where only 10 sports will be available, respectively, and the number of sporting events will be limited. You may also find a bookmaker who allows you to bet on more than 50 types of sports, which will surely add variety.

Bonuses and Promotions

Bonuses and promotions are some kinds of motivators for registration and more games on the site. Many bookmakers offer various bonuses when registering or downloading an application. In addition, you can participate in weekly and daily promotions, which will help you increase your profits. 

Promotions may consist of additional cashback on bets and casino, in receiving gift points that you can exchange for real money, and much more. You can see all of these promotions and bonuses on the site under “Promotions” without having to register prematurely. You can compare them with different bookmakers and identify the more favorable option for yourself.

However, you must remember that all bonuses have their own conditions, often it is wagering. That is how many times you have to wager the bonus, in order to be able to withdraw money later.

Online Casino

At some point, you may get bored with bets, which is why it is important to pay attention to the presence of an online casino on the site. This section will help not only diversify your pastime but also increase your profit. Here you should pay attention to the various sections of the casino. So you can choose from slots, table games, lottery, bingo, TV games, and live casino with live dealers.

Mobile App

Now, most users prefer to bet and play casino games in a mobile app. This fact does not surprise anyone, because the app allows you to use all the functions and features of the bookmaker anywhere in the world and at any time. In addition, the app has simplified navigation, which allows you to find the sections you need much faster.

Also, the application often works many times faster on any Internet, which allows you not to worry about possible failures. Another reason might be that you can make it easier for yourself to sign in to your account, as you can now do it with a face scan and a fingerprint. 

Payment Systems

Each bookmaker offers different payment systems, which you will use for deposits and withdrawals. That is why it is important to familiarize yourself with it in advance. So payment systems can be divided into bank transfers, electronic wallets, and cryptocurrencies. You can visit different sites and review their payment methods to find the one that suits you best. So for many users, it is now important to have a cryptocurrency as a means of payment, since this method guarantees anonymity and security.

Real Player Reviews

Although it was written above that the reviews of real players should not be the main indicator of the bookmaker, it is still worth paying attention to them. If the number of negative reviews will many times exceeds the positive ones, it may be a sign. A lot of attention should be paid to the reviews about the payouts because not all sites are guaranteed. So many users singled out ICC WIN as a reliable bookmaker with a high rating in many respects.

Customer Service

The customer support service is important, as it is where you will go with various questions and problems. So it is worth paying attention to the ways of communication. They fall into the following categories: email, phone calls, live chat, and social networks. All methods guarantee you a connection with a specialist and differ only in the time and detail of the answer. It is also worth knowing in what language you can communicate with a specialist, as often it is only English.


Thus, when choosing a bookmaker’s office it is worth paying attention to many factors. This is really important since betting and casino games are for real money, so it is better to choose a safe platform in which you will be confident. Everyone is an individual and will consider different indicators, so the factors presented above do not vary in importance. Be very careful and cautious and remember that gambling is just a pleasant way to spend time, not the main way to earn money.


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