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Debunking Indian Lottery Myths

Playing the lottery is a popular activity for people worldwide. Nowhere else can you wager a tiny amount and possibly walk away as a millionaire! If you live in India, you have not had access to the most prominent lotteries until recently. The government of India forbids gambling, which makes people wonder if they can participate in the online lotteries now available to them. 

Some of the lotteries with the largest payouts include US Powerball, MegaJackpot, and EuroJackpot. Of course, these national lotteries are not for sale in India. However, you can still bet on these lotteries online. Buy Powerball tickets online here.  The game is played just like the national US game, and the prize they win, you win.

Myths that are believed in India

Several myths are untrue in India. India has had a long and confusing history regarding games of chance, so it is easy to believe outdated or simply incorrect data. Below we will address a few of these myths.

Myth # 1. It is illegal for an Indian to play the US Powerball or any other lottery from another nation.

The truth is an Indian can bet on any lottery online, and they can and do win. When you bet on a lottery online, you are using a fixed-odds betting company. These companies are fully licensed, insured, and strictly regulated. You are not betting on the national lottery. You are betting on the lottery outcome. It plays the same, looks the same, and you will get the same amount of money as the national winner wins. 

Myth # 2. Tourists and immigrants are not allowed to play the US Powerball, even if they are in the US.

This myth is 100% false. The official rules of the Powerball lottery state that tourists and any other non-American citizens are eligible players. Indians traveling to the US can play Powerball legally during their stay, even if they are visitors and non-citizens.

Myth # 3. Non-US Citizens play US Powerball just like Americans do.

Everything plays the same if you are playing from your homeland utilizing the internet. However, if you are in the United States and purchase a paper ticket, it becomes void when you leave the country. Suppose you are going to play the US Powerball with a paper ticket that you bought in the US. You must remain in the US to collect the prize.  However, playing the US Powerball online negates that point. You buy the bet online. If you win the money, it is deposited into your account. The issue of paper tickets is no longer an issue.

Myth # 4. Nobody ever really wins these lotteries in India

US Powerball is just one of the lotteries people in India play with the help of their online vendors. There are many big winners. Below, we will list just a few.

Myth # 5. The computers are rigged, so the player loses

This myth is almost silly if you stop to think about it. Online lottery sites take every measure to make as many winners as possible. If they had no winners, they would have no return business. The odds of winning are clearly listed on the sites. Instructions are plainly stated. Customer service agents are on standby for any questions you may have. 

They list tips on the site to give bettors an edge. They keep members current on every issue. When a computer generates random numbers, they are just that. They are random. There is no hidden agenda. While we cannot list every winner in one article, we have listed a few below to give you an idea of the kind of money that changes hands.

A Small Lottoland Winners

  • ₹700 crores (€90 Million): Christina (EuroJackpot) 
  • ₹173 crores (€22.3 Million): Matthias (German Lotto)
  • ₹109 crores (€14 Million): Michael (German Lotto)
  • ₹45 crores (€5.8 Million): Anonymous (German Lotto) 
  • ₹44,3 crore (£5.13 Million): Mr. Logan (Irish Lotto) 
  • ₹31 crores (€4 Million): Anonymous (El Gordo)

Reasons to play US Powerball

We close our post with some valid reasons to play US Powerball from India. As stated, it is a global favorite. Please note there are many other types of lottery to participate in as well. 

US Powerball is the only lottery with a minimum payout of 40-million, and there is no maximum payout. Please have been known to win fascinating payment.

  • Powerball carried huge second and third place payouts.
  • Amazing multiplier

If you opt to play this game, you have an option to add a multiplier to the prize. The second prize is $50,00. But you can make all secondary prizes 2, 3, 4, 5, or even ten times larger by adding a multiplier to raise your winnings. For a minimal investment in the PowerPlay, you can make a $1 million win doubled, and the rest of the prizes can be boosted up to ten times their value.


Online lotteries are legal in India. Don’t let outdated myths keep you from giving it a try. You could be the next big winner. Just set up an account and see how you like it. Who knows? The next big winner could be you!



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